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Are you planning to buy a second hand property? Don’t just go by what the realtor has to say about it. Taking a second opinion from a legal advisor could be good idea if you want to avoid any kinds of problem at a later stage. In fact, a legal advisor can guide you through the critical procedures of property handovers. However, keep the following checklist in mind for better results:

• Property background

• Details of the original property owner

• Whether you are the first client or has the property already changed hands in the past

• Whether it has been mortgaged

• Are there any pending debts or charges associated with the property

Personal home is just like a heaven in the world. Having your personal home is like a dream come true but there are many complexities and legalities associated with it. It is in the best interest of you to complete all legal formalities before and after purchasing the house. These legal procedures can save you from much bigger problems and tensions. Some of the important legal tips for home owner that you must take care of are given below:

Documents Verification

Verification of documents is one of the critical issues in purchasing your personal home. You must verify all the related legal documents of the property. It is advised that you should perform this verification process either yourself or through some legal firm. You must also check that there should be no financial liability over this property. If you are buying this house on behalf of actual owner, then you must verify the validity of his / her power of attorney.


This is the first step which you have to take before purchasing your desired house. You should advertise in local newspapers about your intentions to purchase the specific house. The advertisement should clearly state that if somebody has any legal right over this property, he / she can contact you within the given time frame.

Proper Documentation

It is your most important duty to prepare all concerned legal documents which are compulsory to prove your ownership. This documentation may include preparation of lease agreements, registry papers, transfer deeds, sale deeds, no objection certificate, non encumbrance certificate and the clearance from all utility departments like electricity, gas, water and sewerage.

Mode of Payment

It is considered a good deed in favour of you to make all the payment of your new home through bank. This will make a proof of your payment about the purchased property.


Now you have become the owner of your personal home so it is your responsibility to register your home with all concerned governments departments. You may register this property to cantonment board, Municipal Corporation, local government department of land, union council or any other institution.

Utility Connection

It is a better approach to have all utility connections on your personal name. If you have purchased an already built house then you should transfer all connections to your name by giving application of transfer. If you have built a new house yourself then apply for the new connections on your name.

Issuance of Power Of Attorney

You should not issue any kind of power of attorney to anyone for any purpose. If you are willing to transfer your share to your family or anyone else then it is advised to do it with your will papers rather than issuing the power of attorney.


It very important to get insurance policy for your home as it will insure your home from any accident like theft, fire, earthquake or any sort of natural disaster. Some people are against the insurance policy of houses. They are unaware of the terms and conditions of the policies and assume it as wastage of money. However the fact is that if you adopt right policy then it is in your best interest of you as you can claim for the damages caused to your home in case of any disaster.

Rent Agreements

There can be the case when you are not interested in living in your own house and want some portion of it to be rented out or have a paying guest in your home. In such scenarios it is advisable to make proper agreement / deed about the rent and other related terms and conditions. Also you should check and verify the character of your tenants.