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Interactive media is a language of action, designed for "users" rather than for viewers, readers or listeners. Interactive media is also known as "new media" or digital media: examples include the Internet, computer games, 3D computer graphics, and mobile information technologies. Even software could be classified as interactive media. People use these media types in a range of mundane, fascinating and innovative ways.

In the interactive media production stream at the Centre for Film and Media Studies, we confront questions such as these:

How can we design media for people who want to do something - whether that something is finding information, playing a game, buying something, communicating with others, or collaborating on a shared project?
How do we figure out what people want to do, in the first place? What do we know about them and their needs?
Do we understand how people in South Africa and other developing countries are (and could be) using interactive media?
How best can our media suggest and respond to user actions?
How can we combine images, text, and programmed interactions in ways that best express our designs, and that communicate most powerfully? What existing conventions would users understand? What new conventions do we need to invent?
How can we find out about what people in fact do (and don't do) with our creations? Can we use this often unexpected knowledge to improve what we make?
What new words, sentences and dialects are possible in the language of action?

In interactive media we research and design possible interactions, and communicate these designs to multidisciplinary teams of artists, programmers, sound engineers, and marketers. We select and prepare a wide range of digital media (including text, images, animations, and 3D images). We integrate these constituents into coherent interactive texts, and prepare interactions by scripting or programming.


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